Bachelor Program in Information System

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Information Systems includes a combination of courses in business and information technology with a balanced weight. The Bachelor Program in Information System focuses on honing student's skills and how to solve business problems by utilizing technology.

In contrast to computer engineering and informatics engineering programs, which are specialized programs in the area of ​​information technology, Information Systems is an applied study that integrates information technology for the needs of the business world. For this reason, every graduate of this program is equipped with fundamental aspects from both sides of both technology and business.


Academic Activities

The Bachelor Program in Information System is a bridge between computer science and business science. The most dominant areas of study in this program are Organizational Issues and Information System, and Enterprise & Industry Application. These two fields of study are the characteristics of this department.

Business courses taught include finance, accounting, marketing, management, statistics, human resources, e-commerce, e-business, logistics, customer relationships, and leadership. While the technology courses taught include programming, databases, computer networks, analysis, and system design, as well as desktop, web, and mobile application development. In particular, the Bachelor Program in Information System at the Faculty of Technology and Information prioritizes the latest applied science and technology in these four areas:

  1. Business Intelligence
  2. Online Marketing
  3. Information System Security
  4. Enterprise Resource Planning


Future and Career

Almost every job in today's business world demands knowledge of technology. With the increasing dependence of businesses on the use of technology, the need for human resources who have applied technology in the business world also increases. Graduates from this program are prepared to meet that need. The career options that can be pursued are in the field/as:

  • Technopreneur: IT solutions, e-business/e-commece owner, independent software vendor
  • IT Architect: business & system integrator, enterprise resource planner, system auditor and controller, system analyst
  • E-business specialist: e-commerce developer, B2B & B2C developer, e-business consultant
  • Software engineer: desktop developer, JAVA developer, web developer
  • Database engineer: database developer/designer, database administrator



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