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Maranatha Christian University, whose value is CARE, is called to be able to provide good and open higher education services to all levels of society. One way for universities to achieve this is by optimizing the management of financial resources that do not come from students.


This effort is made so that education at Maranatha Christian University can be reached as widely as possible by all economic groups of society, various types of scholarships are provided, including:


Internal Scholarship     External Scholarship     Special Scholarship




Information Service

Internal Scholarships and External Scholarships

Student Welfare Division, Student Affairs Building, 2nd Floor
 +62 22 201 2186 (ext. 7301, 7310)


Beasiswa Internal (Beasiswa YPTKM) 

 YPTKM Secretariat
 Silti Hanika, S.H. : +62 22 201 2186 (ext. 9014)