Bachelor Program in Civil Engineering

The Bachelor Program in Civil Engineering is a branch of engineering that studies design, construction, maintenance of public facilities and infrastructure. Along with the growing needs and the development of technology, the methods used in the analysis and design of this infrastructure have also developed. Civil engineering is a broad but fundamental discipline. Human resources with civil engineering knowledge will continue to be needed as long as the community exists, and will always develop following the development of the community.

Academic Activities

Bachelor Program in Civil Engineering provides a foundation in the field of structure by utilizing high technology in accordance with the development of the civil engineering world today. The curriculum is designed to provide a solid foundation in analysis and design, with competencies in five areas, namely structure, transportation, geotechnical, hydrotechnical, construction engineering management. Officially-licensed software that has become a standard in the field of civil engineering is used in an integrated manner in several courses.

The theory learning process is accompanied by intensive experimental and practicum activities. Fully equipped laboratories facilitate students to actively carry out testing, measurement, and modeling, so that they are trained to work in real life.

Future and Career

Graduates of the Bachelor Program in Civil Engineering at Maranatha Christian University are prepared to have standard competencies based on the reference from the Ministry of National Education and ABET (Accreditation Board of Engineering and Technology), in the fields of analysis and design of building structures, transportation infrastructure, water structures, foundation design, construction implementation management. Graduates can have a career in/as:

  • Consultant profession
  • Construction contractor
  • Employees in the field of regulation and policy in government agencies (Department and Service of Public Works, Bapenas, Bapeda)
  • Building materials industry
  • Engineer in oil/mining company

Information Service
Study Program Administration; Building E, Maranatha Christian University
Jl. Prof. drg. Surya Sumantri, M.P.H. No. 65, Bandung - 40164, West Java
+62 22-201 2186 / 200 3450
(ext. 1212 / 1213)
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