Bachelor Program in Psychology

The Bachelor Program in Psychology is an bachelor program that emphasizes on psychodiagnostic and interventional skills. Students have the competence to conduct assessments through various methods such as interviews and observations. Not only skilled in assessment, students will also have the skills to provide psychological services intended for the prevention, development and resolution of psychological problems such as in the fields of education, industry-organization, and social.

Academic Activities

The Bachelor Program in Psychology applies a curriculum based on the Indonesian National Qualifications Framework (KKNI), which is a curriculum that focuses on the achievement of graduate competencies. There are four competencies that are instilled in graduates, namely:

  1. Competence in analyzing behavior
  2. Competence in conducting assessment assessment
  3. Competence in intervening
  4. Competence in conducting research

Students contract courses per package every semester, not depending on the achievement of IP/GPA. Each course is organized into modules that have been designed to make it easier for students to learn the courses and acquire the competencies that have been determined.

Student learning activities in class are carried out actively through discussion activities/group work, and presentations in both small groups and classes.

The learning process is facilitated with complete laboratory facilities, an Expertise Room for the practice of counseling and psychological therapy, as well as the Center for Development of Psychological Measurement Facilities, as well as the Integrated Psychology Service Center.

Future and Career

Graduates who wish to continue their studies to a master's level can undertake further studies at Master Program in Profession Psychology or Master Program in Science Psychology at Maranatha Christian University. For graduates who want to enter the world of work, they can have a career as/in the fields of:

  • Human Resources Department
  • Performance Appraisal and Placement
  • Human Resources
  • Training Department
  • Researcher
  • Counseling Guidance
  • Playground/Early Childhood Education (PAUD) Class Teacher

Information Service
Study Program Administration; Building F, Maranatha Christian University
Jl. Prof. drg. Surya Sumantri, M.P.H. No. 65, Bandung - 40164, West Java
+62 22-201 2186 / 200 3450
(ext. 1333)
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