Bachelor Program in Interior Design

Interior design is the science of planning and designing space in buildings and all their aspects. The Bachelor Program in Interior Design at Maranatha Christian University prepares graduates that master the science of interior design and are independent in character and have advantages according to their respective talents and interests.

Academic Activities

Learning at the design major studio is carried out in stages by focusing on design skills and artistic concepts, building construction, as well as project management and entrepreneurship. Presentation skills and collaboration in cross-disciplinary teams are emphasized in every major design studio course. Learning is also equipped with elective courses to enrich insight and skills, such as Fengshui courses, Spatial Aesthetic Elements Design, and Glazing Design.

Future and Career

This bachelor program forms interior design graduates who are professional and able to apply cross-disciplinary knowledge, are able to apply skills with artistic, human, and cultural values, and have entrepreneurial abilities. Graduates can work as interior design consultants and contractors, furniture designers, interior illustrators, lighting consultants, fengshui consultants, or have careers as visual merchandisers and entrepreneurs in the interior design field.

Information Service
Study Program Administration; Building B 4th Floor, Maranatha Christian University
Jl. Prof. drg. Surya Sumantri, M.P.H. No. 65, Bandung - 40164, West Java
+62 22-201 2186 / 200 3450
(ext. 1642)
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