Bachelor Program in Electrical Engineering

The Bachelor Program in Electrical Engineering prepares graduates to have competence and expertise with a strong mastery of basic concepts in modern electrical technology. In addition to preparing students with a wide choice of fields of study and careers, such as industrial automation technology and robotics, telecommunications and information technology, computer technology, and biomedical technology, students are also provided with soft skills as well as management and economic knowledge, so that graduates are equipped to become entrepreneurs.

Academic Activities

The curriculum for the Bachelor Program in Electrical Engineering was developed with reference to international standards of ABET (Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology), with three main concentrations, namely telecommunications engineering, control and robotics engineering, and computer engineering.

Future and Career

Graduates are equipped with the basics of electrical engineering in the fields of electronics, computers, telecommunications, and control, with the ability to analyze, formulate, and find solutions to problems in electronics, instrumentation, computers, telecommunications, control and robotics, and are able to design equipment (hardware) and software in the fields of telecommunications engineering, control and robotics engineering, and computer engineering. Graduates are also equipped with soft skills, knowledge of management, entrepreneurship, and economics, so that they have the provisions to become entrepreneurs.

Graduates of this undergraduate program can pursue careers as:

  • Engineer
  • Designer
  • Consultant
  • Manager
  • Researcher
  • Academics
  • Entrepreneurs in the telecommunications sector: mobile phone application design, computer and internet networks, fixed and wireless telecommunications networks, information and communication technology
  • Control and robotics entrepreneurs: industrial automation, industrial process control systems, instrumentation, automotive industry, oil and gas industry oil and gas
  • Computer entrepreneur: hardware and software design (computer, microcontroller), database, multimedia, intelligent system, expert system, video and audio system

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