Bachelor Program in Dentistry

The Bachelor Program in Dentistry aims to produce dental graduates who are ready to pursue a global career, have good morals, are aware of their duties, responsibilities, limits of authority, and have ethics; professional, skilled, and reliable in interdisciplinary dental services, above standard abilities and able to see the situation needed by the Indonesian people, especially in the field of preventive dentistry.

Academic Activities

The curriculum in the Bachelor Program in Dentistry at the Faculty of Dentistry is guided by the Competency Standards and Educational Standards of the Indonesian Dentist Profession, with the achievement of professionalism, mastery of medical and dental science, general physical examination and the stomatognathic system, restoration of stomatognathic function, as well as dental health. The curriculum is also enriched with local superior competencies, namely preventive dentistry.preventive dentistry).

Students are facilitated with complete educational facilities and infrastructure, such as physical infrastructure such as laboratories, simulators, to radiology facilities, and learning at the main teaching hospital, namely the Maranatha Dental and Oral Hospital (RSGM) which is located within the campus area.

Future and Career

Graduates of the program who have completed the bachelor level can continue their studies to Master's programs in various fields of study such as Masters in Health, Masters in Hospital Administration, Dental Science, and subsequent doctoral programs. For those who continue their studies to the professional level, they can practice as a dentist after taking the Dentist Competency Test (UKDG). Dental Science, dan program S-3 selanjutnya. Bagi yang melanjutkan studinya ke jenjang profesi,  dapat berpraktik sebagai dokter gigi setelah mengikuti Uji Kompetensi Dokter Gigi (UKDG).

Information Service
Study Program Administration; Building GWM 11th Floor, Maranatha Christian University
Jl. Prof. drg. Surya Sumantri, M.P.H. No. 65, Bandung - 40164, West Java
+62 22-201 2186 / 200 3450
(ext. 1905 / 1906)
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