Bachelor Program in Chinese

The Bachelor Program in Chinese aims to produce Mandarin language scholars and communicators who master Chinese language and culture in an integrative, broad, and deep manner. Students of this undergraduate program are equipped with solid practical skills in spoken and written Mandarin, comprehensive scientific knowledge of Mandarin and comprehensive knowledge of Chinese culture. In the learning process, practical skills in Mandarin and Chinese language and cultural knowledge are equally important, to achieve a balanced ability between theory and practice.

Academic Activities

The Bachelor Program in Chinese has a curriculum with three main competencies, namely:

  • Mandarin language skills
  • Knowledge of Mandarin
  • Knowledge of Chinese culture

Lectures are also complemented by various activities that can improve students' soft skills, such as group discussions, work visits, field trips, study tours, and regional and national competition activities.

More information on the curriculum can be found here.

Future and Career

Graduates of the Bachelor Program in Chinese are prepared to have the following competencies:

  1. Good command of spoken and written Mandarin, with the standard Nrew HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi) level 5-6.
  2. Comprehensive and in-depth understanding of Chinese culture and knowledge of China as the basis for successful communication with native Chinese speakers.
  3. Ability to conduct research on Chinese language and culture.
  4. Have emotional intelligence in socializing and working with others.

Graduates of this program have comprehensive Chinese language skills and knowledge, as well as thorough knowledge of Chinese culture. In general, graduates can have careers as:

  1. Elementary-high school Mandarin teacher and courses
  2. Written/verbal translator in a foreign company
  3. Chinese speaking tour guide and tour manager
  4. Editor in electronic media/newspapers/mandarin book manuscripts
  5. Chinese-language radio/TV announcer
  6. Marketing staff for Chinese-speaking foreign clients

Information Service
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