Universitas Kristen Maranatha (Maranatha Christian University) is one of the best private universities in Bandung, West Java, Indonesia. The history of Maranatha Christian University began in 1965. Faculty of Medicine became the pillar for the founding of Maranatha Christian University as well as beginning the pace of higher education in Indonesia. At present, Maranatha Christian University has nine faculties consisting of 28 study programs, covering undergraduate, postgraduate, diploma and professional program. Those faculties are: Faculty of Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Psychology, Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Information Technology, Faculty of Business, Faculty of Law, Faculty of Languages and Cultures, Faculty of Arts and Design.


The vision of Maranatha Christian University is to become an independent and self-supporting institution of higher education which explores and instills knowledge in all areas of the arts and sciences, motivated by the love and living examples of Jesus Christ. The mission of the University is to educate competent scholars, create a conducive atmosphere, and practise christian values as an effort to develop science, technology, and art in line with carrying out the threefold purpose of higher education: education, research and community services.


Maranatha Christian University has more than 8.000 student body and 40.000 graduates taking part in various sectors in Indonesia and overseas. Having the necessary tools for education coupled with comfortable and conducive atmosphere is one key factor in an effective process of education. Moreover, a holistic approach is taken in carrying out education at Maranatha Christian University, covering both academic and nonacademic elements, including the support of high-quality infrastructure, competent lecturers, and adaptive curriculums. Emphasis is placed on equipping students with personal development, leadership, soft skills and character development as an integrated person upholding three key values: integrity, care and excellence.


Maranatha Christian University is continually developing relationships with national and international partners from academic world as well as industries. These partnerships aim to open up new opportunities and to promote innovations in the outcomes of the education, or in the education process itself.



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